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ICC 2023 World Cup Cricket Betting Odds

International cricket council hosts the biggest international cricket tournament every four years. The countries with the best cricket teams participate in this tournament to win the title.

In the 2019 tournament, England won the World Cup. The ICC world cup is far away, but people are all set for it. It is one of the most awaited Cricket World Cup. There are billions of people who gather together in stadiums to watch a live match. 

However, the biggest hype of the World Cup is cricket betting. It is the most popular cricket betting tournament. Unlike other cricket matches, most of the bettors participate in this event.

2023 Cricket World Cup Betting

The upcoming cricket world cup will be held in India. All the international teams will come to India to play the World Cup. There are 48 matches in the World Cup, so you will get plenty of bets. All the cricket matches are in ODI format. 

You can place popular bets like the winner of the tournament, winner of a single match, etc. However, you need to check the betting odds before you place the best on the match. It will help you to get better payouts.

World Cup Cricket Betting Odds

Betting Odds

The world cup is far away, but we still have the odds for the tournament. It is going to take place in 2023, so you have plenty of time to practice betting and become a pro in it.

There are many bookmakers who have already come up with betting odds. You can visit their online site to check the odds and decide which team is going to win the tournament. 

You can check the early future bets on various sports betting sites. Here are some of the current World Cup betting odds. These odds will keep on changing from time to time.

  • England: England being the former winner, have decent odds of winning the tournament. The odds are +300. 
  • India: This year, the tournament is going to take place in India, so they have a good chance of winning the game. The odds are +225.
  • Australia: They have a very strong cricket team. Australia has won the World Cup several times, so they have good odds, i.e. +400. You can make good money if this team wins the tournament.
  • South Africa: This team gives good competition to other teams. They have +1000 odds on most of the sites.
  • New Zealand: They are another popular team. In 2019, they performed really well. So the odds are +900.
  • Pakistan: They have won the world cup once, which shows that they have the potential to win this tournament as well. They have +900 betting odds.
  • Sri Lanka: This team was quite popular once upon a time. In the 2023 world cup, they have betting odds +1600.
  • West Indies: They have won many world cups in the past. They have a very strong team of players. The odds for this team is +1200.

These are the World Cup cricket betting odds for some of the most popular teams. You can place a futures bet using these odds. As the odds are subject to change, you need to check it with the bookmaker first.