Sharma and Kohli

A New Bond Between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma

CoronaVirus is an invisible enemy to the whole world. From the very beginning, it took so many lives. With such negative vibes, all over the world, it gives us some positive things too. Many will express their concern, however, when it comes to the Indian Cricket Team, two-star players Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have taken full advantage of it. While staying in Bio Bubble during the pandemic 2020, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma got more time to nourish their friendship. Undoubtedly, friendship builds strong bonds and trust what is highly needed in a sport like cricket. A few days back when Virat Kohli landed his captaincy post to Rohit Sharma, what else could be it other than trust?

If we now speak about the gaming sense of the strategies, then you must know, Having a Virtual friendship has no value. Team Spirit and discussion are important to build the base. Undoubtedly the coach of Team India for the England Tour, Mr. Ravi Shastri helped to build this friendship even stronger. According to Ravi Shastri, three of them spend lots of time discussing their private space. It helped them to understand everyone’s point of view about the game. Again, it helped them to understand whether they all are on the same page or not. Planning, fixing strategies, and turning those into reality, all team efforts.

From a valuable source of information, we have got the news about the team India’s new spiritual vibes. It did not come in one day. If the players can recall, they’ll agree with the statement that not everything their mind-set and agreements were the same. Even Virat and Rohit must have some disagreement between themselves. However, sitting on a chair and discussing it was rare in any sport. However, that is what is expected. Both of them have full trust in clarity which gives them confidence in the ground. 

Virat and Rohit

Another reason we have encountered is avoiding internal problems. Whenever a team knows that its opponent has some internal issues or internal rivalries, then they can take advantage in full capacity. Not only cricket teams but some franchise and game-changers take the advantages too. This kind of bitterness and wrong assumptions can make a team internally weak. To avoid it being worse, everyone must become professional. That’s what Virat and Rohit do. Whatever there is, personal interest and professional rivalry, they never let put any effect on the team.

Giving a proper answer to the consultants is needed. It’s not the first time they are discussing anything publicly. They have a close bond and as evidence, you can see their get-together photos recently. Apart from this, they have spent lots of time together after the T20 matches. What Virat and Rohit do, their discussion regarding the games, they want to make it more visible to the world to stop the chatter behind them. 

Such a strong bond needs to last up to the very end. And within the captaincy of these two-star players, team India can progress even more.